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Novalab and Kervan Gıda Cooperation: Journey of Sweet Success

When the boundaries of science and technology are pushed, success stories are born, and at Novalab, we are proud to be involved in projects that allow businesses to write their own success stories with science blended with technology. Today, we are going to tell you about a collaboration project full of technology and innovation that we conducted with Kervan Gıda, Turkey's largest soft candy producer. And this story is important not only for us, but also for each and every consumer, because the impact of production planning does not only stay within the walls of factories; it has a wide range of effects from the process of products reaching the shelves to consumer satisfaction.

As Kervan Gıda maintains its leadership in its sector, the steps it takes with Novalab's pioneering and innovative solutions positively shape not only its own processes, but also the way its products reach us, the consumers. When you enjoy the soft candies of a dessert brand, you become a part of this impressive digital transformation process, perhaps without even realizing it. That's why Kervan Gıda's digital transformation with 'xS Planner v4.0' and the efforts behind this transformation are valuable for each of us.

On the road to success, we at Novalab have stood shoulder to shoulder with Kervan Gıda, side by side in challenging processes, and we will share how we have optimized the production planning processes of this leading company in the industry and thus indirectly impacted the lives of all consumers in a more positive way. Let's take a closer look at this sweet and technological success story...

While Kervan Gıda is a guest on our tables with its delicious and high quality products, behind the scenes there is a complex and dynamic process that extends from production to consumption. Demand variability, high sales velocity and various production challenges make planning processes vital, especially in the food production sector. At this point, we, as Novalab, brought Kervan Gıda's challenging production processes together with our advanced technology and optimized planning systems. xS Planner v4.0 played an important role in overcoming the production and logistics challenges faced by Kervan Gıda by reshaping critical production planning processes.

With xS Planner v4.0, we digitized Kervan Gıda's production lines, each with its own unique needs and challenges. This has had a positive impact on several critical parameters, such as optimizing weekly product distribution, ensuring workload balancing of the lines, controlling manufacturability based on critical material needs, and effectively managing order-raw material supply status.

xS Planner v4.0 was quickly integrated into all of Kervan Gıda's processes thanks to the dedicated work of every individual who contributed to the project; the planning manager, valuable employees, IT manager, IT team and master data team. Throughout the project, we collaborated closely to understand and analyze Kervan Gida's existing processes and operations, and to develop solutions that were scalable and flexible to meet Kervan Gida's specific needs.

At the same time, this technological transformation has had a positive impact on Kervan Gıda's production efficiency, profitability and sustainability. With the workload balancing and manufacturability control of the lines, production losses have been minimized, which indirectly means faster and more efficient product supply to consumers.

At every step, together with Kervan Gıda, we discovered how each product embarked on a journey from the smiles of children to the happy moments of families. In the process, we had the chance to personally observe how all the efforts put forth and the efficiency achieved were reflected in the quality of the brand's final products.

And just like that, Novalab and Kervan Gida's collaboration has gone beyond a mere technological transformation project to create meaningful, real-world results. The optimization and efficiency gains enabled by xS Planner v4.0 have not only made Kervan Gida's production processes more streamlined and cost-effective, but also faster, more flexible and more responsive to market conditions. If you, dear consumers, can find the products on the shelves on time and in full, it means that we, as Novalab, have also contributed to this success. As with all our business partners, we have gone beyond being just a solution provider with Kervan Gıda and have been with them every step of the way as a strategic partner. We will continue this strong cooperation in the coming periods, and we will continue to produce solutions for the needs of Kervan Gıda and the sector, adding value to consumers and the market. While carrying the processes of Kervan Gıda and our other valuable business partners into the future with our technology and knowledge, we also aim to make positive touches on your lives. We wish you healthy and happy days and sweet moments...

As Novalab, we are honored to be an important part of Kervan Gıda and the sector with these valuable solutions we offer. Thank you for reading this valuable success story we shared with you.

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