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Novalab is shaping the future of planning and optimization. xS Planner breathes new life into the industry and offers the ability to manage planning processes in a simple, optimized and effective way. We are changing the business world with our solutions that know no boundaries in advanced planning and optimization.
One of the most important planning problems for the packaging industry is factory operations scheduling to ensure that due dates are met while shop floor efficiency is maximized. Depending on various machine type choices available for a process, such as printing machine types, there may be important tooling restrictions such as the number of anilox rolls available of a certain type.

Usually, one of the most important operations to be scheduled is the printing operation which not only requires a high changeover time but also sometimes requires the consideration of tool restrictions which implies other printing machines must also be considered while scheduling a single printing machine.

There are also complex predecessor-successor relationships between subsequent processes such as printing and lamination which determine the overlap durations and these durations cannot be determined by simple approaches such as “lamination starts 45 minutes after printing”. There are many factors affecting the overlap duration such as the size of the rolls, the speeds of preceding and succeeding operations and the shift structures of preceding and succeeding machines.

As common with other industries, the main driver of changeover minimization is the grouping of similar jobs for subsequent processing. However, the due dates cannot be ignored. Furthermore, due to B2B nature of the business, the priorities of different orders from the same entity change frequently which impose a significant burden on packaging manufacturers for managing shop floor operations effectively.

The typical factory operations scheduling solution for this industry must be able to handle simultaneous tooling conditions, changeovers and overlapping constraints while enabling the planner to manage constantly changing customer order priorities. The output of factory operations scheduling can sometimes be difficult interpret with all its implications. NovaLab’s planning software, xS Planner, provides interactive material requirements plan view in addition to warnings related to various aspects of the plan such as late orders and a dashboard for KPIs.

Instant Intervention

You can make changes at any time and achieve the best results.

Multilevel Production

It optimizes production processes at levels of greater complexity and reduces waiting times.

Term Management

Carefully track deadlines and optimize work sequences.

Reducing Job Transitions

Minimizes business transition preparation times and speeds up processes.


It optimizes production sequencing, ensures perfect synchronization between lines and increases operational efficiency.

Operator Planning

Manages human resources efficiently and improves the performance of operators.

Line Balancing

It ensures the most efficient use of machines and reduces errors and unnecessary work.

Flexible Production Campus

xS Planner is the perfect solution to meet changing products and ever-changing requirements.

Anlık Müdahale

İstediğiniz zaman değişiklikler yapabilir ve en iyi sonuçları elde edebilirsiniz.

Çok Seviyeli Üretim

Üretim süreçlerini daha fazla karmaşıklığa sahip seviyelerde optimize eder ve beklemeleri azaltır.

Termin Yönetimi

Termin tarihlerini dikkatli bir şekilde takip eder ve iş sıralamalarını optimize eder.

İş Geçişlerini Azaltma

İş geçiş hazırlık sürelerini en aza indirir ve süreçleri hızlandırır.


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