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Master Production Scheduling

Master Production Planning and the Novalab Difference
Novalab offers a holistic solution for businesses to reach their production targets and meet their demands in the most effective way. Determine the most appropriate production strategies in line with your sales forecasts and customer orders with Master Production Planning.

Master production scheduling module is designed to enable companies to have total control over how to best utilize their resources while matching demand and supply; keeping in mind that the objectives may change with respect to the current business needs or even seasonality.


One of the strongest aspects of NovaLab’s planning software xS Planner’s master production scheduling solution is its speed and interactivity which allows planners to explore different scenarios and perform what-if analyses quickly. An important strength of this module is the built-in restricted resource capability. That is, while generating master production schedules, the system takes into account of the capacity restrictions of all related resources such as machines, molds, operators etc.


The system also has the capability to change the planning horizon length and resolution (such as weekly or monthly) as well as which forecasts and/or customer orders to be considered which allows a planner to balance how myopic the system should behave with respect to current customer orders versus the forecasts, which may be open to many changes.


The objective of this system is not to sequence the operations of the required production over the resources, but to determine the best mix of products and quantities to be manufactured to serve tactical objectives of the company optimally.


The system allows for fully automated or semi-automated decision making. That is, if a planner wants to change the recommended quantities of some of the products, the system can repair the rest of the plan to best match the firmed decisions.


The module has supporting functionality such as dynamic material requirements view, warning generation mechanism, dashboards for KPIs and resource utilization charts to better interpret results and support decision making.

Use your resources with maximum efficiency with the right production planning.

Efficiency in Resource Utilization
Reducing Inventory Costs

Avoid unnecessary stock build-up and reduce your costs thanks to optimized production planning.

Flexible and Fast Decision Making

Make flexible and fast decisions with real-time production information.

Risk Management

Take the necessary precautions by identifying potential risks in advance and prevent disruptions in your production processes.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Meet customer demands on time and in full with the right timing and production quantity.

How Does It Work?

Novalab creates an optimal Master Production Plan by analyzing your sales forecasts, customer orders and inventory information. With its user-friendly interface and advanced algorithm support, it helps businesses plan their production processes quickly and effectively.

Important Features

User Friendly Interface

Designed for a simple and effective user experience.

Real Time Information

Get instant insights into your production processes.

Advanced Algorithm Support

Advanced industry-specific algorithms are used to create the optimal production plan.

Flexible Reporting

Possibility to create reports tailored to the needs of your business.

Ease of Integration

It can easily integrate with your existing systems.

Customer Support

We are always with you at every stage with our expert support team.


If you fill out the contact form completely, we will be happy to contact you as soon as possible and answer your questions.

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