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Novalab Technology: Shaping the Future of Advanced Planning and Optimization

Novalab is a specialist, young and dynamic company operating in the advanced planning and scheduling domain since its inception. All of the solutions that we developed are customized and deployed for our customers to their highest satisfaction by our highly competent consultants which ensures that we keep the top spot in our markets of operation. Since 2010, the backbone of our solutions is the concept of “interactive planning” which enables the agile management of even the biggest shop floors which in turn helps our customers to satisfy their own customers’ orders in the best possible way. And we still relentlessly develop our technologies to serve our customers better.

Interactive Planning

Interactive planning is an innovative technology that enables the planning process to be carried out in communication with all actors; not as a single alternative, but by evaluating various scenarios on a scenario basis and seeing the results and efficiency of that decision when a decision is made. "Interactive Planning" technology provides the opportunity to follow the planning process live, moment by moment, and to intervene in the process instantly.

xS Planner (2006 -)

It is an application that can be used for any kind of scheduling problem. The original design is capable of supporting any type of scheduling. Starting with xS Planner 1.0, Novalab has always aimed to achieve optimum solutions in the shortest time possible and in this way to make a difference with both intelligence and speed. Novalab has brought a new concept to planning with xS Planner.

xS 1.0 (2006 - 2007)

It is a production optimization program that produces classic, request-based schedules. xS Planner has been designed to integrate with any ERP since version 1.0.

xS 2.0 (2007 - 2010)

Features such as defining production constraints and generating plans according to constraints have been added. The ability to create new plans with cut, copy, paste and transfer work order functions has been added. The data infrastructure has been made flexible to support other planning types (personnel planning, dam optimization, vehicle routing, etc.) besides scheduling.

xS 3.2 (2013 - 2016)

New indicators to help the planner's decision-making process. Demand forecasting and Capacity to product planning modules have been added. Some data synchronizations were started automatically at certain time intervals. Interface designs have been improved.

xS 3.0 (2010 - 2013)

iKPI, iDCMS, iPCMS, iMRP and iWMS modules have been added. At the same time, modules to support the concept of "Interactive Planning" have been added.

xS 4.0 (2016 -)

Major improvements were made in system performance. Transition to web start architecture and interface design improvements were made.

xS Planner The New Dimension of Planning

Our xS Planner journey, which has been going on since 2010, started with a flexible and powerful infrastructure that can respond to all scheduling problems. This unique design has the capacity to meet your different scheduling needs. As Novalab, since xS Planner 1.0, we have always maintained our goal of achieving the most optimum results in the fastest way. We have strengthened our position in the industry with our smart solutions and superior speed. xS Planner adds an innovative touch to your planning approach.

Our Vision

To be the leader of the sector in the global arena by adopting technological innovations and "Interactive Planning" approach in the field of Advanced Planning and Optimization, to shape not only customer expectations but also the future of the sector.

Our Mission

To ensure continuous improvement in our customers' business processes by offering the latest and most effective solutions in the industry with our expertise in advanced planning and optimization technologies. To offer new directions and approaches to the sector by pushing technological boundaries with our R&D studies. Establishing long-term business partnerships by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level and thus ensuring a sustainable leadership in both national and global markets.

Our Quality Policy

We adopt the highest quality standards in the sector with an innovative and pioneering approach. We work to ensure maximum efficiency and optimization in their business processes by prioritizing customer satisfaction in every solution we develop. By supporting the continuous training and development of our team, we ensure that they have the most up-to-date knowledge in their areas of expertise. By adopting a continuous improvement approach in all our business processes, we quickly adapt to changes in the sector and turn these changes into opportunities. We act in transparent and ethical cooperation with our stakeholders, adopt social and environmental awareness and fulfill our responsibilities accordingly.

Interactive Planning: Live Monitoring and Immediate Intervention

Interactive Planning represents a dynamic and interactive evolution of the planning process. This innovative technology involves all planning actors in the process. Instead of focusing on a single alternative, it offers the possibility to reach optimal results through in-depth evaluation of various scenarios. When a decision is made, it offers the advantage of being able to view the consequences and impacts of this decision in real time. With Interactive Planning, you can follow every step of the process live and make immediate interventions when necessary. This technology increases your business efficiency by making planning processes more effective, transparent and flexible.

Dear Valued Customers

As Novalab, I can proudly say that we are among the pioneers of the industry in the field of advanced planning and optimization technologies. Since our establishment, we see technology not only as a tool, but also as an asset that facilitates the business processes of our valued business partners and helps you manage your business more effectively.

In 2010, we introduced the concept of "Interactive Planning", which radically changed the approaches in the sector and we optimize your business processes at the highest level with our applications such as xS Planner designed with this vision. We believe that technology shapes not only our present but also our future. For this reason, with the importance we attach to our R&D studies, we pursue innovation and ensure that you are one step ahead in the sector.

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. The trust you have shown us over the years leads us to better and more innovation. We aim to make a difference in your business processes with the solutions we offer in critical areas such as Demand Forecasting, Rough Capacity Planning, Master Production Planning, Scheduling and Vehicle Routing.

It is a great honor for us to see that many prestigious companies from different sectors trust Novalab's advanced planning and optimization solutions. We continue to work with all our strength to provide better service to you.

Thank you for choosing us and I wish our cooperation to continue for many years to come.

Yours sincerely,

Novalab Technology

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