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Novalab offers an innovative solution to the needs of the industry with its groundbreaking approach to advanced planning and optimization. XS Planner offers the opportunity to manage complex processes in a simpler, more efficient and more effective way with its advanced technology and flexible structure. Here are the highlights of Novalab's approach to the sector and the solutions it offers.
Capacity Planning

When determining the long-term production mix, you can maximize production capacity through capacity planning.


By optimizing the production sequence, XS Planner helps you to produce for customers according to specified deadlines. This increases customer satisfaction and optimizes operational efficiency.

Operator Efficiency

Optimizes workforce management by using human resources in the most effective way.

Optimum Line Balance

XS Planner aims to run production lines with the highest efficiency. This enables more efficient use of resources.

Flexible Production and Rapid Change

With frequent product changes in the steel industry, you can easily adjust production processes with XS Planner. This reduces errors and allows machines to go into production faster.

Speed and Efficiency in Raw Material Supply

XS Planner accelerates order deliveries and minimizes inventory costs by taking into account the long-term supply of raw materials.

Kapasite Planlama

Uzun vadeli üretim miksini belirlerken, kapasite planlaması sayesinde üretim kapasitesinden maksimum verim alabilirsiniz.


XS Planner, üretim sırasını optimize ederek müşterilere belirtilen teslim tarihlerine uygun üretim yapmanıza yardımcı olur. Bu, müşteri memnuniyetini artırır ve operasyonel verimliliği optimize eder.

Operatör Verimliliği

İnsan kaynaklarını en etkili şekilde kullanarak iş gücü yönetimini optimize eder.

Optimum Hat Dengesi

XS Planner, üretim hatlarını en yüksek verimlilikle çalıştırmayı hedefler. Bu, kaynakların daha verimli kullanılmasını sağlar.

Esnek Üretim ve Hızlı Değişim

Çelik sektöründeki ürün değişimleri sıkça yaşanırken, XS Planner ile üretim süreçlerini kolayca ayarlayabilirsiniz. Bu, hataları azaltır ve makinelerin daha hızlı üretime geçmesini sağlar.

Hammadde Tedarikinde Hız ve Verimlilik

XS Planner, uzun süreli hammadde tedarikini dikkate alarak sipariş teslimatlarını hızlandırıyor ve stok maliyetlerini minimize ediyor.

The most important problems related to this industry are high changeover time losses and scrapped raw material due to sub-optimal raw material batch allocations to customer orders. Furthermore, there are several different processes to be applied to the raw materials to manufacture the end products. This implies that managing the relationship between subsequent processes as well as choosing the appropriate workstation among many alternatives available for a single process is of utmost importance to ensure the lost time, too, is minimized and orders are delivered on-time. The identification of the problems immediately makes it clear that a factory operations scheduling system managing the relationships between alternative workbenches and subsequent processes coupled with raw material batch allocation functionality keeping the scrap rates in check can provide significant benefits for this industry.

High changeover times may be avoided by careful sequencing and grouping of similar jobs provided that the planner defines the characteristics important for detecting similarity for each process. Starting from this information, factory operations scheduling module can group and sequence jobs for each workstation to decrease losses due to changeovers while solving the complex predecessor and successor relationships between workstations belonging to subsequent processes.

Scrap rates can be kept in check with careful allocation of raw material batches to customer orders. However, just the number of different types of raw materials and batches with different dimensional and metallurgical characteristics makes this a very challenging task. Furthermore, the dynamic nature of the customer orders implies that batch allocations must be revised frequently. And because certain workstations may or may not be able to process some customer orders depending on the characteristics of the raw material batches allocated to them, there certainly is a strong interaction between the batch allocation process and factory operations scheduling process. Given that even a single percentage improvement in scrap rates is very important in terms of profitability for this industry and the strong interaction between batch allocation and scheduling processes, it follows that a factory operations scheduling system with a strong batch allocation functionality is a must.

The output of factory operations scheduling can sometimes be difficult interpret with all its implications. For the case of this industry, the output is further complicated by the assignment of batches to customer orders. NovaLab’s planning software, xS Planner, provides interactive raw material requirements plan view including batch assignments in addition to warnings related to various aspects of the plan such as late orders and a dashboard for KPIs.


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