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Novalab delivers world-class solutions that shape the future of planning and optimization. Led by xS Planner, we open the door to flexible, powerful and efficient production and planning processes, even in ever-changing industries.
We Lead the Industry with Innovative Advanced Planning and Optimization Solutions

It creates the production sequence in such a way that the production line runs optimally and efficiently. This increases operational efficiency.

Term Planning

It determines the best times to meet customer demands, taking into account scheduling constraints to set realistic deadlines.

Line Balancing and Operator Scheduling

It is used to ensure that each product is produced in the most efficient way, so that labor resources are optimally distributed.

Inventory Planning

Product planning and order-based stock management are optimally utilized to meet customer demands.

Capacity Planning

Stay ahead of your industry with Novalab's solutions to determine production capacity and utilize resources in the most efficient way.


Üretim sıralamasını, üretim hattının en uygun ve verimli şekilde çalışmasını sağlayacak şekilde oluşturur. Bu, operasyonel etkinliği artırır.

Termin Planlama

Gerçekçi terminler belirlemek için çizelgeleme kısıtları dikkate alınarak müşteri taleplerini karşılamak için en iyi zamanları belirler.

Hat Dengeleme ve Operatör Planlama

Her bir ürünün en verimli şekilde üretilmesini sağlamak için kullanılır, böylece işçi kaynakları en iyi şekilde dağıtılır.

Stok Planlama

Ürün planlaması ve sipariş bazında stok yönetimi, müşteri taleplerini karşılamak için en iyi şekilde kullanılır.

Kapasite Planlama

Üretim kapasitesini belirlemek ve kaynakları en verimli şekilde kullanmak için Novalab'ın çözümleri sayesinde sektörünüzde önde olun.

The most pressing issue for factory operations scheduling in appliance manufacturing is determining the quantity and the sequence of each product to be allocated to each assembly line for each shift of each day in the planning horizon. Further complicating the issue, depending on the characteristics of a given assembly line, a product may be produced in more than one run even in a single shift, each run with possibly different quantity.

Depending on the preferences of the manufacturer as well as the characteristics of the underlying manufacturing processes, either production leveling or sequence and quantity optimization approaches may be employed. In either case, the factory operations scheduling system must be able to handle the presence of alternative assembly lines for each product, maximum and minimum quantity per run constraints, supplier capacity constraints as well as other material supply related constraints and sequencing constraints that define which products are permitted to or prohibited from following each other on the assembly line in sequence. Needless to mention, the shift structure of each assembly line may be different from each other and may change from one day to another. All constraints may be hard or soft constraints.

Regardless of whether production leveling or sequence and quantity optimization approaches are employed, after assembly line planning phase, required semi-finished parts and related operations can be scheduled on supporting workstations such as injection molding machines, if desired. The primary objective of scheduling operations on supporting workstations is to feed the assembly lines on-time possibly followed by the objectives of minimizing work-in- process inventory and/or satisfying some sort of efficiency related criteria.

Due to the complex nature of the factory operations scheduling, sometimes it may be difficult to understand the implications of a given plan. NovaLab’s planning software, xS Planner, provides interactive raw material requirements plan view with the help of an embedded MRP module in addition to warnings related to various aspects of the plan such as late orders and a dashboard for KPIs.

Other important planning problems for appliance manufacturing are capacity requirements planning and assembly line balancing which can provide significant improvements in assembly line performance.


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